Work footwear is a matter of trust! User safety and working ability is directly dependent on our ability to deliver. And with over 140 years experience, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you have the leading professionals in the industry on the case. The Danish company Sika Footwear took its first steps back in 1870. Not that age itself is the same as quality, but it's hard to argue with 145 years of experience and fine-tuning. Today, we use this knowledge to develop our own products from scratch, as well as selecting and marketing the absolute best brands on the market, supplies several countries around the world including USA. We offer a wide range of clogs including industrial shoes, traditional clogs, wood clogs, leather clogs, flexible clogs and steel toe clogs and clogs with built in arch support for added comfort. All of our clogs are leather clogs and they are all slip resistant clogs and highly durable. Through continuous communication with leading international testing and research institutes regarding occupational clog footwear safety and reliability, SIKA has assumed a leading role in establishing and maintaining strict quality standards. SIKA Footwear supplies clogs to the following industries - Restaurant/Hospitality, Kitchen/Production, Stewarding, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Hospitals, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Industry, Laboratories, Transportation, etc.